Women-led Cannabis Lifestyle Companies To Watch

Women-led Cannabis Lifestyle Companies To Watch
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Like many other industries, women are getting more and more involved in the cannabis industry. Since the legalization of marijuana, women-owned smoking accessories businesses are taking a larger share in this big pie. And a lot of the time, these women-owned brands often know better how to cater to their fellow smokers’ needs.

Except for the brand image, these companies always tend to make innovations to the products, whether it’s the shapes, the materials, or the functions. These brands put their heart into delivering exceptional products and services, intending to creating a community that makes all women stoners feel belong.

Here we listed a few women-owned brands that are doing an awesome job.

Yew Yew

Yew Yew is a modern cannabis lifestyle brand. They set out to “help change the narrative and stigma around cannabis”, without taking themselves too seriously. 

To do that, they collaborate with artists, share experiences, and offer modern smokeware and effective CBD products. The brand was founded by Jenny Wichman in Brooklyn. 

Jenny Wichman, Founder of Yew Yew Shop
Jenny Wichman, Founder of Yew Yew Shop

She initiated this brand with the aim of providing more cannabis smokeware of aesthetic and beauty. Starting from selling translucent glass pipes and one-hitters, the brand then expanded its product catalog by selling colorful ceramic pipes and ashtrays. Now the concept and vision this brand is trying to deliver have been known by the industry.

One of the most distinguished characteristics of women-owned smoking accessories brands is that most of the time, each piece means more than just a tool. They stand for a lifestyle, an attitude towards life, and a reflection of the owner, which is why every piece these brands listed are very aesthetic-pleasing and unique.


Tiffany Woodman, founder and CEO of Canna Bella Lux
Tiffany Woodman, founder and CEO of Canna Bella Lux

The products of this brand are all hand-picked, carefully inspected in order to guarantee the best shopping experience. Being a brand that’s 100% female-led, minority-owned with an aggressive approach in assisting other minorities with a pathway into the industry, Canna Luxe wants to minimize the social judgment of smoking flowers. 

The core ethics of Canna Luxe Co are simple- equality, love, and responsibility and they are on their way.

Session Goods

Like the previous two brands, Session Goods also takes changing people’s perceptions against cannabis as its mission, and they challenged themselves to create products that felt more like home goods than something illicit.

Miss Grass

Kate Miller, Founder of Miss Grass
Kate Miller, Founder of Miss Grass

Miss Grass creates specially formulated premium THC and CBD products. They also educate on the science, the history, the culture, and the products that work best—all in the spirit of conscious consumption. So whether you’re a rookie in this, or you’ve been around for a while, Miss Grass is here to help.

These are just a few examples of many awesome women-owned brands out there, and we’re thrilled to see there are going to be more and more unique brands getting in the game, with the goal of changing this industry for the better.

Cover Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

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