Trick Or Treat! Weed Gadgets For Halloween

Halloween Mask Bongs | Buy from JIJU
Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Now seems like a good time for everyone to treat themselves to parties and fun. During the pandemic gathering with friends and family for a grand party would be a big ‘NO’, but partying with yourself (which means get stoned of course) would always be a safe bet. 

For Halloween, you’ll need some holiday elements to level up your experience.

Here list of some of the best Halloween weed gadgets for our fellow stoners, enjoy!

Halloween Special Bong Masks

This must-have piece adds that spooky vibe to the special occasion. With multiple masks for you to choose from, you can go with any character you like or any character that your friends’ are scared of. The detachable design enables you to take it everywhere effortlessly. 

If you want to pay one price for a bong and a Halloween disguise, this is the one!

Halloween Mask Bongs

Skull Herb Grinder

Imagine how awesome it would be to match your custom and your grinder. This type of grinder adds something extra to your Halloween style. These grinders are made of acrylic, which means it’s quite easy to carry from place to place. 

2-Parts Skull Herb Grinder

Halloween Special LED Spinning Tray

You can never go wrong with a gorgeous dabbing station, especially a glowing one. This Halloween-themed LED Spinning Tray enables you to have a party at home, securing all the stuff you’ll need and full of Halloween vibe. 

Customizable LED Spinning Rolling Tray

Halloween Beaker Bong

This Halloween Beaker Bong from the JIJU online head shop is sure to give you the creeps. Whether you just want something festive for October or you’re a Halloween fanatic, you’ll want to get your hands on this spooky treat. The beaker bong comes with an ice catcher and a bowl. This will be perfect for those chilly October nights, having a smoke session by yourself, and with this bong.

35 cm Halloween Beaker Bong

Green Heat-Glow Thermo Banger

You better watch your back because this freaky green heat-glow banger is coming to getcha! That’s right, this spooky banger is hungry for humans and he’s making a scene for your Halloween party! Hook it up to your favorite water pipe and feed him plenty of herb and fire. 

Green Heat-Glow Thermo Banger

Skull LED Jar

Spooky jar alert! This LED stash jar is scary functional, with a wide mouth, airtight lid, and sturdy construction. And a psychedelic skull on the side! For real, this jar is perfect for a haunted hang session. So stash your weed in this snazzy skull jar.

LED Jar with Grinder

Pink Bomb Skull Aluminum Grinder

Pink and a skull? Hell yeah! You could never go wrong with a grinder with diamond shape teeth design. Fans of skulls will get a kick out of this Skull Grinder from JIJU. It is perfect for loading up some hits and getting high.

4-Layers Aluminum Alloy Herb Grinder

No matter what you’re doing this Halloween, make sure to keep it spooky and sweet with these perfect treat sets. JIJU makes it easy to stay stocked up for any occasion, any time of year.

Cover Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

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