Why Choose A Water Bottle Bong?

Why Choose A Water Bottle Bong?
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If you are a smoker on the go, a good water pipe is an essential rig you’d want to carry with you. You need something made out of good material also, something that can withstand your wild adventures.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing JIJU’s flagship water bottle bong, a portable travel bong ideal to take around the world in stealth mode. 

About JIJU Water Bottle Bong

Bongs and bowls are nice, but these aren’t ideal rigs when you are traveling around the globe. Medium-sized bongs are still a bit on the bulky side, and they are fragile. 

Moreover, bongs are attention-grabbing, which isn’t a good thing. Some places and people don’t accept the idea of 420 culture, so you’ve to stay in incognito stealth mode while traveling. 

If you need total stealth compatible water pipe, you should go with JIJU™ Water Bottle Bong. 

About the parent brand

JIJU is a premium brand serving the community for 15 years. We’ve designed and manufactured several high-quality water pipes and rigs in the past. The water bottle bong is our latest flagship product branded under Zmokie and Brownie labels. 

Why choose JIJU’s portable bong?

Even though it looks like a regular water bottle, our rig promises a super smooth clean hit with spout. No one would notice this as a bong if you are gonna use it in an open-air cafe – it just blends with the environment. 

And if you mix our water bottle bong with regular water bottles, we bet no one would notice a difference. How cool is that?

Should you build a water bong yourself?

We know there are several tutorials online on how to create DIY water bongs at home. And we think it’s not safe to make a water pipe at home just like that. You need a professionally engineered rig when it comes to water pipes. It would also impose a serious health risk if you do it wrong. Hence we think you should leave the engineering to professionals.

How to use JIJU water bong?

FYI, with JIJU’s water bottle bong, you can experience smooth potent hits just like any other quality bong in the market. 

Purchase JIJU Water Bottle Bong.

To use, simply fill the water bottle base. We recommend a filling level is 420ML. The downstem of the bong would resemble the plastic trail from the cap of a regular water bottle. The screw-on cap hides the bowl of the bong.

How safe is JIJU water bottle bong?

Our water bottle is sturdy and impact resistant. It can withstand drops like a normal water bottle. So if you are too concerned about the safety of the bong while traveling, you should consider checking out our product. We can guarantee our water bottle bong can withstand hiking, camping, and cycling adventures. 

How to clean a portable water bottle bong?

How to Clean a Bong

We’ve previously written a guide on how to clean water pipes. You may follow the same tips while cleaning a water bottle bong. Or you could simply use a sponge that you’d use to clean a normal water bottle. 

Where to purchase?

Visit the product listing to make an inquiry about water bottle bong. Our agents will respond you within 24 hours. We ship worldwide and we do offer several OEM & ODM customisations.

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