The Art In Quartz Banger

The quartz banger is another variation of a concentrate nail. Compared with other kinds of materials, quartz guarantees users a faster heat-up time and superior flavor.

To offer a better dabbing experience, the quartz banger has evolved over the years, and many of the designs are both convenient to use and aesthetically pleasing.

It’s almost natural for us to choose bangers that match our bubblers, but before that, we need to consider the thickness and the size and see if that fits.

In general, a quartz banger is 2mm thick, but some are made of two layers which add to 4mm. Also, the size of the quartz banger needs to fit the water pipe or your dab rig.

We offer various types of quartz bangers for our customers. Here’s a few from our catalog:

Hurricane Beveled Top Quartz Banger

Turbine Beveled Top Quartz Banger

This 10mm, 15mm-wide male quartz banger features a beveled flat top that offers a grippy surface for any style carb cap to prevent it from sliding so you can focus on your dabbing.

The 40 mm tall bucket size allows a huge slab, plus it gives you plenty of room for a quality insert or terp pearls to work their magic.

This banger’s turbine airflow intake will ensure all those tasty terps lift and spin to maximize airflow for easy clearing while serving up amazing flavors. This deep 90-degree banger has a wide flared bottom that improves the surface area and functions.

Quartz Terp Vacuum Banger Nail

Quartz Terp Vacuum Banger Nail

The vacuum-style terp banger makes sure that all of your dabs are sucked up from the lower dish and sent up to the heated cylinder section where the air pressure from inhaling keeps the dabs moving around. This style of banger is designed to be used with a terpene cap and pill set to ensure that none of your terpene-laden vapor is lost.

This is a fully welded banger which means it is more durable and heat resistant than a typical 2 part banger that is joined at the bucket.

Opaque Bottom Quartz Banger

The bottom of the dish is crafted from machined opaque quartz, giving it a foggy or even sandblasted look in the dish.

The opaque nature of the design improves thermal conductivity. This type of banger heats up faster and stays hotter longer than standard “clear” quartz of the same dimensions. Also, it leaves less “puddle” residue.

Color Changing Thermal Quartz Banger

Color Changing Thermal Quartz Banger

The thermos banger by Jiju features a double layer with a small bucket inserted inside the 21mm OD bucket. This double-wall construction retains heat well for more consistent vaporization.

The unique part of this color-changing banger nail is the visible light green sand-like material at the bottom of the nail. When heated with a torch, these particles turn night glow effect and then green as the temperature rises. This makes it easy to know when your nail is at the right temperature for dabbing.

Just heat the nail until the particles turn to glow then allow the nail to cool as the particles change to a nice green glow. Once you’ve used this banger a few times, you’ll learn the ideal color for your target temperature.

Angled Top Quartz Banger

Angled Top Quartz Banger

The best-selling dab quartz banger nail delivers smooth, flavorful hits from your favorite dab rig. The impressive 4mm thickness allows for peace of mind as the thick walls of the banger allow for decreased chance of any cracking or breakage during your sesh.

Thick Bottom Quartz Banger

This quartz banger is available in multiple sizes and joints for whatever the needs of your particular pieces may be.

Pure quartz material offers high resistance to heat, and it ensures that your product will perform well at all times. The groundless joint is another feature of this replacement piece.

Thermal Core Quartz Banger

Thermal Core Quartz Banger

Never touch a hot banger on accident again. The thermal banger has color-shifting quartz glass particles in the chamber that change from light to dark as your banger heats up.

When the color-shifting quartz particles turn from bright yellow to a deep reddish-orange you know the banger is extremely hot. It takes trial and error just like any new dab setup but it is a novel way to time your dab for sure.

Once you get used to this banger you can pretty much eyeball when the right temperature has been achieved by learning to recognize the shade of color that corresponds to your preferred dabbing temp. Not only is it useful, but it’s cool too.

Round Bottom Quartz Nails

The deep-dish design is ideal for those who like to load up large dabs, and the sheer flat top provides a strong seal with almost any style of Carb Cap.

A banger with no corners means your oil moves freely and vaporizes more efficiently. It is easy to clean as well. Deep dish prevents oil from escaping down the neck/joint on larger dabs.

How about you? are you looking to purchase premium quartz bangers? Feel free to let us know the style you prefer. We could hook you up with a few.

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