Green Heat-Glow Thermo Banger

Exciting Dabbing Innovation.

The thermos banger by Jiju features double layer with a small bucket inserted inside the 21mm OD bucket. This double-wall construction retains heat well for more consistent vaporization.

The unique part of this color-changing banger nail is the visible dark green sand-like material at the bottom of the nail. When heated with a torch, these particles turn to dark green glow effect and then brighter as the temperature rises. This makes it easy to know when your nail is at the right temperature for dabbing.

Just heat the nail until the particles turn glow then allow the nail to cool as the particles change to a nice green glow. Once you’ve used this banger a few times, you’ll learn the ideal color for your target temperature.



  • Color-changing banger
  • 10mm Male joint
  • 3mm Quartz glass
  •  Double Wall Retention
  •  Highest Quality Materials
  •  Low Temp Dabbing
  •  Pure Quartz Heating Chamber

Bucket Height


Outside Diameter Bucket


Joint Size



90 Degree

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