Acrylic Square Hookah with LED Light

The Square Hookah is an incredible acrylic hookah, compact and easy to transport, that looks amazing and smokes perfectly, and take it with you anyplace.


Square Hookah Features:

  • Whole Hookah Set: lightweight plexiglass housing, Hookah Bowl, Ashtray, Pair of Tongs w Poker, Hookah Hose.All Rubber Seals Include.
  • Modern Square Hookah: Made of Clear Acrylic, Come with a Magical Multicolor LED Base ,Remote Controller.
  • Perfect Shisha Smoking: Big Cloud, Pulls beautifully. Easy to Assemble, Disassemble, Clean, Store Away – Perfect for Home or for Travel
  • Scientific Heating Control, Air vents can be opened when it starts to get harsh, and closed again for more heat to your hookah shisha.
  • LED Hookah Design, A beautiful modern hookah , made of acrylic , Amazing.

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