JIJU Online Headshop: October Roundup

Wholesale Online Headshop: October Roundup News

JIJU is a trusted online head shop that offers fast shipping and top-notch customer support. Shop for glass water bongs, dab rigs, e-rigs, and more through us.

Now that you already know the benefits of purchasing from a wholesale online headshop, let’s take a look at our October round-up featuring anniversary offers, Halloween specials, and much more.

We will also list our best picks of October in this blog post so that it’ll be easy for you to make the buying decision.

JIJU Online Headshop: Anniversary Promo

Few Reasons To Shop At An Online Headshop

To celebrate our 15 years of presence in the industry, we’ve set up a special anniversary promo for 15 days. It’s currently running on jiju.co/anniversary, and it’ll end in two days. The discount and offers are listed below. These discounts apply to all wholesale smoking accessories including bongs, water pipes, e-rigs, rolling trays, water bottle bongs, etc.

Halloween Special Smoking Accessories

It’s spooktober, and we are excited as you are for this Halloween. And this year, we’ve stocked a pile of creepy-ol goodies in our shop. We’ve got Halloween special mask bongs, LED rolling trays, beaker bongs, etc. lined up for you and your homies to enjoy the Halloween night. And if you’re in the mood, we’ve made a list of super chill movies you can watch together while baked. 

All-New Biodegradable Dabbing Station

New Biodegradable Dab Station

This October, we came up with a sustainable smoking dab station that would be a great addition to your collection. This biodegradable tray comes with a trash bin compartment, swaps holder, slots for bangers, and even a scoop for alcohol container. The base model starts at $2.50 and we offer customization for wholesale deals. Connect with our team today if you’re interested to learn more. 

Here’s a video of Billy giving a walk through of JIJU’s Biodegradable Dabbing Tray


Zmokie is our new brainchild and we’ve got an amazing line-up of products released under this banner. We urge you to check the official Instagram page of Zmokie to learn more. 

Water Bottle Bong

Take a look at our water bottle bong for example. Hidden in plain sight, this is a special kind of bong that you can take with you anywhere. It’s ultraportable and we think it’ll be a nice addition to your retail headshop. Connect with us today if you’d like to bulk order water bottle bongs.

Brownie by JIJU

Brownie is another flagship brand we recently set up this month. Tune in and follow the official Instagram page to track the product updates.

Few Other October Launches