09 Oct 2021

Our New Dabbing Station

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In today’s video, Billy will give you walk-through of our new dabbing station. We also have special deals going on our website part of our 15 year anniversary promotions. We have Halloween sales going on as well. Visit jiju.co/halloween to know more.

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While the process of crushing cannabis buds and grinding them into small pieces, rolling them in a thin paper, and lighting them up to become too natural for smokers, some might have already taken the game to the next level – dabbing. The process of preparing a dab is both meditative and decompress...read more.

26 Aug 2021

Halloween 2021 Special Livestream​

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We’re ready for Halloween 2021. Today Billy and Otta will introduce you to our Halloween line-up including a fine-rage of Halloween Mask Bongs, Trays, and more. So tune-in and watch as they discuss the new products and unveil Zmokie, our new brand.

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Now seems like a good time for everyone to treat themselves to parties and fun. During the pandemic gathering with friends and family for a grand party would be a big ‘NO’, but partying with yourself (which means get stoned of course) would always be a safe bet..read more.

29 Jul 2021

Halloween 2021 Special Livestream

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Today Zenobia joins Billy to talk about the new accessories we’ve up for sale on jiju.co. Watch as they talk about waterpipes, bongs, and other cool smoking accessories. We are also planning to start a new affiliate system for our fans and customers alike. Tune in!


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If you’ve ever owned or used a water pipe in the past, you know how overwhelming the purchase process is. There’s a sh*t ton of information out in the wild to process. It’s not easy for everyone to research correct glass sizes, parts, style, and so on..read more.

26 July 2021

Weekend Chinwag: Introducing Mr. Jason

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On today’s stream, Billy and Jason will introduce few of our new products added to Jiju.co Shop. We’ve introduced a variety of multifunctional accessories to jiju.co recently. Watch this video if you’re looking to buy new LED grinder/jars with smoking pipes.


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For those who like to break their own buds and roll their own joints, grinders can come in handy. The right choice of grinder levels up your smoking experience, vice versa. With tons of thousands of grinders on the market, the fundamental issue comes down to choosing..read more.

23 July 2021

Automatic Hemp or Cigarette Tube Filling Machine

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Today we’ll learn about filler machines that are specifically designed to work with cannabis & hemp. Our filler machine has a small footprint, but it outputs totally finished and perfect cigarette prerolls, no more repacking and tamping. Tune-in to know more!

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Since the pandemic or even before that, the popularity of the rolling-by-yourself has grown. With novices and veterans both wanting to sample strains without burning up their savings, the self-rolled joint is a simple..read more.

17 July 2021

Quartz Bangers: Everything You Need to Know

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Today, Billy’s busy talking about the latest Quartz Bangers we dropped on jiju.co. Our quartz bangers are constructed from single piece quartz, designed to let you dab at an extremely low temperature. Tune in and watch the video to learn more!

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The quartz banger is another variation of a concentrate nail. Compared with other kinds of materials, quartz guarantees users a faster heat-up time and superior flavor. To offer a better dabbing experience, the quartz banger..read more.

15 July 2021

Our Hookah Series

On our 4th livestream, we talked about the latest Hookah products available on our website. Tune in to learn more about Hookahs and shishas.

07 July 2021

Welcome to the world of metal pipes.

A metal pipe is any smoking pipe made from a metallic material. Commonly used metals include aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Watch us showcase JIJU’s new set of OEM metal hand-pipes.

01 July 2021

What's new this month?

Today we introduce new launches for July! Grinders, rolling trays, smoking bundles and bag bundle included! Check us out for more latest info.

24 Jun 2021

4-Chamber Best Weed Grinders

Today on @JijuHQ I’ll give the features of two types of grinders. A 4-chamber patent grinder and a wooden 4-piece grinder that’s customize available.

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