Large vs. Small Bongs: Purchasing Guide

Large vs. Small Bongs: Purchasing Guide

Today we will discuss a topic that stirs a lot of noise among the cannabis-smoking community. Some users argue that small bongs are better because they are compact, and the chances of breaking them are zero.

Other stoners argue that large bongs are better as they offer better suction, larger hits and it’s more modular compared to small ones. They are quite right though.

So, which one is better? Honestly, that depends on your priorities and comfort zone.

And we are not here to take sides. Today we will discuss both the pros and cons of large and small glass bongs so that you don’t have to fight your homeboy on the same topic.

Why choose a large bong over a smaller one?

Mushroom Percolator Beaker Bong Nail                          → Honeycomb Perc to Matrix Perc Water Pipe

In layman’s terms, a bong that’s anatomically taller than 1.5 feet is considered a tall or large bong. 

Pros of large bongs

Better/more percolation: It’s simple logic. The larger the long, it offers more percolation. Big water pipes have much more room for accessories and percs, allowing them to provide smoother hits on average. So if percolation is your top priority, go with a large bong.

Bigger hits: It’s a no-brainer that larger bongs promise bigger hits. It’s because more smoke can be created with large bongs each time you fire. If you and your buddies crave bigger hits, you’d definitely enjoy using a large bong. Just go for it!

Cons of large bongs

Cone Double Turbine Percs Dab Rig Bong

Weak flavor: there’s a big chance that larger bongs will give you weakened flavor because of poor smoke concentration. There’s room for more airflow in larger bongs, hence it needs more time to reach strong smoke concentration levels. So if you want complex and thick flavors, large ones might be out of your league.

Requires more space: Well, that’s something you’ve to live with. Large bongs need more space and it could be an issue for people who live in a small and cozy place. And if you don’t have enough space and you plan on purchasing a large bong, we highly suggest you keep the bong somewhere safer. It’s easy to knock large ones if you are in a tight place. You don’t want broken glasses laying on the floor, don’t you?

Maintenance: Large or small, all bongs require maintenance and cleaning. However, you’d spend more time cleaning larger bongs because of their surface area and design structure. This can be a hassle for some folks as it takes some effort to clean bongs. If you need help with bong/water-pipe maintenance, we’ve made a guide on how to clean bongs. You should look into that. 

Pricing: Large bongs are more pricey compared to smaller ones. Which is understandable. But if you are on a budget, it won’t be wise to spend more on a larger one.

 Why choose a small bong over a larger one?

Waterwheel Themed Mini Bubbler Bong

A bong that’s physically shorter than one and a half feet will be categorized under the family of small bongs. Bongs can be as short as 4 inches in height.

Pros of small bongs

Stronger flavor: As opposed to large bongs, smaller ones can guarantee concentrated flavors because of the smaller surface area. A lot of folks prefer such an experience. So a small or medium-sized bong would be ideal for folks who want clearer and strong flavors.

Easy to store: It’s easy to store and hide small bongs. We feel that’d be ideal for students and users over 21 years old who are staying at smoking-friendly dorms, shared apartments, and hostels. And it’s easy to carry them during road trips also.

Easy to maintain: When compared to large bongs, smaller ones are easy to maintain. Small bongs come with less surface area, hence you needn’t spend more time cleaning. 

Cheap Pricing: While it’s not dirt cheap, small bongs are still cheaper than larger ones. Hence it would be ideal for beginners in our opinion.

Cons of small bongs

Double Zig Zag Glass Bong

Less percolation: As opposed to large bongs, smaller ones offer less percolation. This means your hits won’t be smooth and cool.

Smaller hits: Smaller bongs will give you smaller hits because of the small size of the chamber. This doesn’t mean these bongs are bad. It’s just that size of hits would be smaller and many pros wouldn’t prefer that.


There’s no better candidate in our opinion. It depends on your preferences and needs. If you need something cozy, cheap, and easy to carry, we would suggest you go with small glass bongs.

On the other hand, if you prefer a pro-like experience, we want you to go with large glass bongs. There are YouTube videos on how to take huge hits, cleaning bongs, glass pipe maintenance, etc. You should check those also. 

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