How to Take Massive Bong Rips

How to Smash Massive Bong Rips
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While we acknowledge that dab is the “new thing,” bong rips hold a special place in our hearts. And know young folks are always in the run to keep up with the pro-hitters.

Smoking a bong or any water pipe is fairly easy to do. But it is recommended to take a few important steps to get it right. Today we will discuss how to take crisper, BIGGER, and flavorful bong rips.

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Note: While we do our best in providing tips; we recommend our readers to buy quality bongs and accessories to get good results. Browse JIJU if you are planning to purchase new smoking accessories.

Breathing Exercises Are Important

Breathe before Taking Massive Bong Rips
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It’s much smoother if you have full control over your lungs. You’ve to learn to take several deep breaths, using your diaphragm. This will improve your system’s oxygen intake. Things would be much easier if you’ve got better lung capacity. And yes, you should maintain and improve it on the go. 

Alcohol consumption deteriorates lung capacity. Hence, you shouldn’t plan on taking massive rips on the same night you’re gonna get drunk. And why would you wanna drink when you’ve got Mary Jane in your side?

Stay Mint 

Stay Fresh Taking Massive Bong Rips
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As important it is to have a good lung capacity, it is equally important to stay fresh. Dry throat is a major problem all hitters should avoid. Mints and certain candies increase salivation and help your throat stay moist. It would also make the hit smoother.

Fine Grind Your Dry Herb

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While you can cut the herb down to small bits using scissors, it won’t promise perfection. For better burn and overall consistency, use a grinder. If your herb is finely ground, it will be much smoother compared to burning larger chunks. 

Controlling The Temperature

So cool your smoke by using a bong rather than a small pipe. A perc bong has percolators that already lower the temperature of the smoke quite a bit. We’ve got a line of bongs that guarantee ice hits. 

Bowl Size Matters

Cone Double Turbine Percs Dab Rig Bong

The size of the bowls makes a huge difference during hits. Smaller bowls are ideal for massive hits. It’s because a smaller bowl allows less airflow around the herb, resulting in better burn and more concentrated smoke. 

Water Control

Monitoring your water content is crucial when it comes to hitting a bong. The water level changes play a vital role in the smoking experience. In an ideal situation, the down stem should be submerged in water. Also, make sure the percolators are in the water, too.

Proper Way to Remove the Bowl

Do not remove the bowl at once. Removing the bowl gradually will induce the smoke at a good pace. This is better for your lung to receive. So keep in mind, don’t deal with the bong too hastily. 

Exhale Properly

Photo by Dmitriy Ermakov on Unsplash

Even if you inhale like a pro, exhaling matters. You’d cough like a pro if you don’t exhale properly. Exhale with a bit of force to make sure your body can guide the smoke properly. And once you exhale, re-introduce fresh air to the lungs. 


Nobody can master an art overnight. Smashing massive bong rips is a work of art. Take your time. And feel free to browse the Bongs we have here on JIJU. 

Cover Photo by Grav on Unsplash

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