How to Start Your Own Smoking Accessories Brand

How to Start Your Own Smoking Accessories Brand
Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

The idea of creating a smoking accessory brand for themselves won’t even cross some people’s heads because it is a common misconception that starting a brand is so hard that they won’t even know the first thing to begin with.

But as a matter of fact, it isn’t that hard at all.

This article’s going to walk you through every step you would need on your way to building your smoking accessories brand.

What smoking accessories are you going to sell?

It takes at least one product to run a business. And it’s crucial for a brand or a company to have a signature piece that keeps its customers around. The first product that pops up in the minds of the customers when they see your brand acts as the statement piece, which also means that you are on the right track.

So how to pick/design your product?

The easiest way to do it is through the consulting session with an experienced smoking accessory manufacturing factory. These factories have years of experience in the industry, and they often have long-time partnership with some of the major brands in the industry, making it accessible for them to predict the trend of the market.

13 years in the smoking accessories business and serving hundreds of clients, Jiju can no doubt take up the role as an adviser for starters.

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Decide On What Message Your Brand Is Trying To Say

A clear message is everything. This message should include the type of product you’re selling, the target customers, and the idea behind your brand.

Many smoking accessories brands now label themselves based on the features of their founders; for example, racial equality and gender equality are two pretty clear characters for many cannabis brand out there, and they’ve working great so far.

Vice versa, it is important for you to decide what messages you’re trying to convey for your own brand in order to leave a deep impression.

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Do the design

Humans are visual animals, and many of the time, they come across countless brands and products. Therefore it is a must to design a memorable logo and set a unified tone for your brand. And it has to be unique.

Just like the brand message, the design should be crystal clear. And the aesthetic brand design definitely says a lot about the brand. Whether it’s plain simple, or bright and colorful, the logo and the whole brand aesthetic need to be in line with the product and the brand concept.

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Get your product ready

Now it’s time to put the pieces together. Talk to your product manufacturer, most of them do provide OEM/ODM services, which means not only can they turn your design into reality, they can also print your logo and make it officially yours.

If you have questions and doubts about the OEM/ODM part, check out this video of the JIJU factory tour, where you can get a clear idea of how everything is made.

Choose your platform and start advertising!

There are a lot of platforms you can choose to sell your products. What many business owners would do is to build their website via Shopify, woo-commerce or any other website tools.

Unlike Amazon or other online shop, your website doesn’t come with any traffic, so you have figure out how to push your website out. This is where social media comes in. Create interesting contents with your brands and products and attract as many eyes as possible.

Once the viewers become your customers, you’ve successfully created a brand! Of course there is more to do to run a business but a good start means a lot. If you have the desire to step on the road to a business empire, start from the first tip and be persistent!

Cover Photo by Júnior Ferreira on Unsplash

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