How to Participate in Vaping Competitions

How to Participate in Vaping Competitions
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Vaping itself is part of a cool lifestyle and culture. Vaping competitions make it even rad for many folks out there. In today’s blog, we will discuss how to enter and participate in a vaping competition.

Keep in mind this will be a general guide. There are much more factors to consider if you are looking to enter the pro vaping scene. But we believe our tips will be helpful for those who are good at creating the biggest, longest, and coolest-looking clouds. 

What is Cloud-chasing?

Let’s cover the basics first.

Depending on where you live, cloud-chasing is also variously known as cloud tricks, competitive vaping, extreme vaping, power vaping, public vaping, stunt vaping, sub-ohm vaping, or the “X Games” of vaping.

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Cloud-chasing is the activity of blowing large clouds of vapor using an electronic cigarette. Using the devices for “cloud-chasing” began on the West Coast of the US. 

Two major cloud competitions in the US are the International Cloud Championships in California, and the World Series of Vape, in Las Vegas.

Some competitors are sponsored by e-cigarette companies. This counteracts travel and equipment expenses. There are also teams. Some sponsors are organizing teams.

Common Rules 

The list of rules is often displayed/set by organizers. Vapers compete by standing back-to-back when blowing the cloud of vapor. The clouds of vapor are evaluated on “girth, length, and overall size density”. 

The person who exhales the larger cloud of vapor moves on to the next meeting. The cloud of vapor is measured using a yardstick or by a ruler on the wall next to the competitor. 

Common Misconceptions About Vaping

It is recommended to learn more on these factors before entering the professional cloud chasing scene:

Batteries: Although official contests have a standard set of batteries to use, it’s ideal to practice at home with a heavy-duty battery source. 

Tanks: It’s all about maximizing the vapor production. You need nicer sub-ohm tanks or solid rebuildable drip atomizers to produce as much vapor as possible.

Coil Builds: Coil building is very possible for anyone seeking to take their vaping experience to the next level. The bigger the inner diameter of the vape coil, the higher its resistance, and vice versa.  

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E-liquids: The increased thickness of VG means it can reduce the life of atomizers quicker than PG-based juice. But high VG is the only option at cloud chasing events – the higher the better.

Wicking: it’s important to have a good wicking setup always. Japanese Koh Gen Do cotton pads are a specialty item, and they can make your wicking much easier. 

Temperature: Keep in mind that a lower resistance coil will reach the higher temperatures required to produce more vapor more quickly.


  • Choose builds below 0.3 ohm
  • Aim for the highest wattage
  • Master temperature control
  • Pack your wicking material airtight

How to Choose the Right Vape Kit (Beginner’s Guide)

Vaping Events

A lot of events around the globe now and then. We recommend you check with local sources if you are planning to enter one.

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