How to Improve Your Dabbing Experience

How to Improve Your Dabbing Experience
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Dabbing is a phenomenon that’s blowing up around the globe. As a premium online headshop, we’ve been keen on designing cool new dab rigs and gears for our customers.

If you are a newbie looking to improve/enhance your dabbing experience, you’ve reached the right place. In today’s post, we will try to cover all your doubts. But before that, let’s learn the basics.

What is dabbing?

In layman’s terms, dabs are concentrated forms of herbs that you get high. They’re made by extracting the chemical compounds in the herb and mixing them with certain solvents. 

Quartz Terp Vacuum Banger Nail

And dabbing is a modern way to enjoy your herb. You can heat the dab oil using nails and inhale it using dab pens & dab rigs. There goes the explanation. Now let’s learn how to improvise dabbing.

Use Gloves

Concentrated THC aka dab oils can get sticky. You wouldn’t want to touch the heated oils with bare hands. It’ll be slimy and sticky. Another problem to consider is contamination. When you touch dabs with the bare hand, there’s a strong chance you are contaminating the oil. This contamination can lead to dilution and poor dabbing experience. You wouldn’t want that!

Learn to control the temperature

You might have read or seen several terrible stories of people doing it wrong. A lot of these stories are concerning government bodies and society as a whole as well. 

Always let the dab nail cool after the heating process. Overheating can cause the concentrates to combust, which can lead to serious health hazards. 

Thermal Core Quartz Banger

Manage the temperature to ideal levels. Here are the two things to remember.

Low heat = you are wasting the dab oil.

High temperature = you are destroying the chemistry and inviting health hazards.

Clean your dab rigs

We bet you’ve read our blog post on how to clean bongs. 

The same applies here also. You’ve to cultivate the habit of cleaning dabbing rigs. Apart from hygiene, a clean rig promises a consistent dabbing experience. In short, you can expect robust and flavorful smoke from a clean rig.

So boys and girls, never forget to clean your rigs.

Use small rigs

Turbine Beveled Top Quartz Banger

When a dab rig is smaller, your hits will be more potent. A bigger rig imposes the risk of less potent hits and more filtration. So we recommend you opt for smaller rigs for a smooth and rich experience.

Use a quartz nail or banger

A dab nail provides a reliable option to consume essential oils. You can heat a nail with a torch or electronic heater. Once it’s heated enough, you can place a dab of wax to produce tasty flavorful vapors. Whereas a banger is one of the many options of a dab nail. The bangers come in a flat and swan-necked design. More like a hammer of course. 


Dabbing is a popular practice within the smoking community. But each day we hear stories of people doing it wrong. We hope our guidelines will help you in the future. Once again, keep the temperature under control, and you’re good to go. Happy dabbing!

The Content posted here is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice on dabbing. Always seek the advice of professionals or your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding dabbing.

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