How to Clean a Bong

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Bongs are expansive. And they are delicate. If you want to make sure your smoking experience continues to be a pleasant one, don’t be lazy and clean your bong regularly.

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Why is cleaning your bong important?

The cleanliness of a bong matters to your health.

Most bongs run on water filtration, which means that keeping the water clean is a must. There is a limitation to the amount of trash that water can filter out, after that the effect could degrade significantly. So always change the water after using.

You could easily pick up respiratory infections if you leave your bong damp. Molds and bacteria love to grow in places like this, and the moment you take a hit with that dirty bong, you get all the mold spores and bacteria sucked up in your body.

It’s also worth mentioning that cleaning and disinfecting your bong immediately after sharing it with others is important. You cannot guarantee the person sharing the tool with you doesn’t carry anything with him or her.

A neat bong gets you higher.

The stench of old weed, old water, and old resin buildup could only contaminate your smoking experience. The more complex the air path from the bowl to your mouth, the more resin and ash your bong is going to collect and the harder it’s going to be to clean.

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How often should you clean your bong?

The frequency depends on how often you take hits. For occasional users, it’s probably fine to only clean it every once in a while. But it’s better to clean it right after the session. 

For heavy smokers, on the other hand, should make cleaning their bongs a routine, especially when the bongs have a buildup of resin on the glass, or the water in the bong isn’t clear anymore and it stinks; or there’s debris inside the chamber, or dark stains on the percolator if one is present.

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How to clean your bongs?

The cheapest way to clean your bong is using boiling water. But there’s a chance of shattering it so you need to be extra careful. Check out the following steps in case of danger.

First, place your bong into a stockpot large enough to fit it. If possible, put the bong on a canning rack in the pot to keep it from touching the bottom. Step 2, cover the bong with cool/cold water. Do not start with hot water. Next, turn the burner on and set it to medium-low heat. You want to heat the water slowly so the thermal shock doesn’t crack the glass. Bring the water up to a simmering boil, not a rolling boil. 

Once it’s simmering, let it stay that way for 25-35 minutes. Once that time has passed, very carefully remove the bong from the water and place it aside somewhere safe to cool off. Whatever you do at this point, do NOT rinse your bong with water from your sink at this point. Others say don’t rinse it with cold water, but we’ll say not to rinse it until it’s cooled off completely. When you can comfortably touch the glass, then you can rinse it out and off with hot tap water.

Another common way to clean your bong is with isopropyl alcohol & kosher salt. Make sure to use 91% isopropyl alcohol. But do not use alcohol if your bong is acrylic. For the salt, you can use kosher salt or even Epsom salt. The salt helps knock loose debris and resin from the side of the glass interior.

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A clean bong matters a lot to its owner both in his or her health and the whole smoking experience, so definitely remember to keep it nice and neat.

Photo by Cann@b0x on Unsplash

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