How To Choose The Best Rolling Tray

For stoners, it’s hard to imagine a smoking session without a rolling tray. A perfect rolling tray provides a surface that catches your herbs as they fall, so you don’t waste your precious weed.

What are rolling trays for?

When it comes to rolling a joint at home or trying to grind some dry herb for smoking with a bong, there will always be some small chunks of sticky goods dropping down to the floor or even worst, into the carpet which is a pain in the ass to clean because weed is sticky.

That’s where a rolling tray comes in handy. 

By using a rolling tray not only you can keep all your gears organized when you’re using the grinder to grind down your weed(or using bare hands to break the bud into small pieces like my weird friend Chad would do) you can pour all the material onto the tray, so you don’t need to worry about missing any chunk of your weed.

How do you know your rolling tray is perfect for you?

Rolling trays are made from a lot of different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, silicone, and many more. Each type of tray has its pros and cons.

Metal trays are more durable than plastic trays and silicone trays are scratch-resistant. Plastic rolling trays are the most affordable, wooden trays are a little more expensive but make up for it with their stylish look and wooden rolling trays can be made out of different types of wood: oak, bamboo, and cedar. 

Whichever material you decide you like the best, you will be able to find rolling trays in various shapes, sizes that offer different specialties.

Some rolling trays have special slots to hold the papers and herbs while you roll them. Rolling trays are fundamentally meant to catch and hold your weed as you crush your buds or while rolling. 

But it also has to be flat, which means the only way it can do both is by having curved edges. Make sure it has a curved edge high enough to keep your weed in place when rolled towards the edges. This stops your herbs from falling off while giving you enough freedom to roll freely.

Can a rolling tray do better?

More and more manufacturers realize that they need to upgrade their products to serve smokers’ needs better. 

After rolling that perfect joint, you need a safe place to keep it as you get things in order like a grinder, glass ashtray, cones, and more. 

A place holder slot carefully holds your joint in place as you tie the next one or wrap things up before taking a puff. And it would be nice to have storage space for the weed. 

This makes things easier when settling to roll up or pack up after rolling a joint. Having a top lid isn’t mandatory, but will come in handy.

LED Rolling Tray with Digital Scale

Who wouldn’t want something cool? These rolling trays offer more than a smooth experience. The LED Rolling Tray comes with a variety of colors on its own.

LED Rolling Tray with Digital Scale

Customizable LED Spinning Rolling Tray

Spinning Rolling Tray features an innovative design with small compartments for all different types of cannabis accessories and dab supplies. 

You can also place all types of smoking accessories and supplies including lighters, pre-rolls, bangers, your cell phone, and more.

2021 Customizable LED Spinning Rolling Tray

Tobacco RollingTray Stash Box Set

With a top lid, there’s no chance for any weed to drop out. It’s super lightweight and easy to carry.

JL-011Z Tobacco RollingTray Stash Box Set


In short, it comes down to our choices and preferences while purchasing rolling trays. And if you are still unsure, feel free to browse our wide collection of customizable rolling trays on We’ve got you covered.

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