How Much Do You Know About CBD?

How Much Do You Know About CBD?
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Even though so many people smoke pots, little of them know much about CBD (Cannabidiol), an ingredient that acts as the second most prevalent ingredient of cannabis (marijuana). This article’s going to clear some myths about this magical being.

Myth 1 You could get addicted

There’s a difference between CBD and DHC. The World Health Organization recently conducted a comprehensive review on CBD, which also included its potential for addiction. 

They concluded that: “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.” Quite on the contrary, CBD is like chocolate, it makes you feel good via a very similar mechanism, by increasing your body’s feel-good endocannabinoid, Anandamide, which make you feel good without hacking your dopamine reward system.

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Myth 2 All CBD works the same

CBD does not exist as a single compound but is found within plants with over a hundred other cannabinoids. Therefore, when extracted, you not only get CBD but all the other cannabinoids, which makes each extract different in terms of purity.

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Myth 3 You only need a little to get the job done

Well, it depends on the individual and the type of CBD they use. Someone with intense pain or severe anxiety, who may require larger doses than others with milder symptoms, even if they are new to taking CBD. 

The rules of newcomers simply don’t apply here. As for the types of CBD, full-spectrum extracts tend to require lower doses, because there are other compounds in there which support the function of CBD, while pure CBD typically requires much larger doses for a noticeable effect.

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Myth 4 CBD is the cure to your pain

Little research or evidence is showing that CBD is the answer to some diseases, and studies with longer duration are needed to verify the true power of CBD. 

Although CBD may help people manage symptoms, it often doesn’t address the root cause of why the body becomes imbalanced in the first place. We could say that CBD is more of a bandaid to supporting health.

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Myth 5 CBD will not interact with other medication

CBD works well for a lot of people, but those taking certain medications may find CBD alters the way their drugs work. 

This may impact the effectiveness of their current medication, which may affect the management of their medical condition. So be careful if you’re going to take CBD while you’re on other medications.

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Myth 6 CBD is dangerous

In 2017, a detailed report from the World Health Organization declared that naturally occurring CBD is safe and well-tolerated in humans and is not associated with any public health effects. 

The World Anti-doping Agency also removed CBD from its banned substances list in 2017. Athletes can now use CBD, but must still be careful to monitor small levels of THC in CBD products.

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Myth 7 CBD oil and hemp oil are the same

Although both being extracted from the hemp, CBD oil can be extracted from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of hemp; while hemp seed oil is made exclusively from the seeds of hemp 

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