Halloween Weed Smoking Tips

Halloween Weed Smoking Tips
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An oft-repeated legend is that today’s cannabis is at least an order of magnitude stronger than in the past (and by implication much more dangerous). THC levels are allegedly 10, 20 or even 30 times higher than in the 1960s or 1970s. Although potency levels have risen in several countries (such as the US and UK), the actual increases have been much more modest (almost threefold from 1982 to 2007 in the US) and high-potency strains have always existed, as have various concentrated forms of cannabis. 

Furthermore, potency of seized samples was not tested before 1971, leaves were not distinguished from buds by testers at first, and samples from before the early 1980s (when testing and storage procedures were changed) were often degraded, making comparisons going that far back inaccurate. Non-representative sampling was also an issue. Since most of the increase happened after 2000, this legend can be considered an example of ostension (people have been making such claims as far back as the 1970s). 

Sounds scary, isn’t it? Well, you can ignore it because it’s just an Halloween urban legend.

Halloween is around the corner, and we are excited as you are. And that’s why we’ve made new line of Halloween related smoking accessories. Compared to last year, this year we are witnessing the decline of COVID-19. This means you can have smoke sessions with your homies this year at ease. 

35 cm Halloween Beaker Bong

And if you are looking for spooky and fun ideas to celebrate Halloween with Mary Jane, you’ve reached the right place. Let us hook you up with some tips and recommendations for a weed-friendly Halloween.

Get Stoned Watching Horror Flicks

Halloween Mask Bongs

There’s nothing better than baking on Halloween with your friends while watching some good old horror flicks. We highly recommend classics like Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, etc. 

And if you prefer more gore and intense sequences, you could go with Cannibal Holocaust, Saw, Wrong Turn, etc. 

Pro tip: do not forget to lock your doors.

Hot Box in Abandoned Buildings

This one’s not for the faint-hearted. Consider this option if you have access to abandoned buildings such as old hospitals, mental asylums, factories, mansions, etc. 

LED Jar with Grinder

So sneak into such places, whip out your smoking rig inside your tent, and get baked. Let the smoke caress your skin as you share spooky urban legends with your friends.

Getting Baked Around the Campfire

If you’ve got a 420-friendly camping ground nearby, just go for it. There’s nothing better than sitting around the campfire with your homies while smoking and sharing crazy spooky urban legends.

2-Parts Skull Herb Grinder

And if you are out of horror stories, we highly recommend you check podcasts such as Let’s Read, No Sleep, swampdweller.net, etc. 

Bake Spooky Themed Edibles

If you are good at making edibles, you should look into this possibility. You could make spicy roasted pumpkin seeds with cannabis-infused olive or coconut oil. And if you are adventurous enough, you can look into caramel coconut apples with cannabis-infused chocolate.

Customizable LED Spinning Rolling Tray

Engage in Horror-related Threads on Reddit While Baked

This would be a fun activity if you are stoned to the core. There are a handful of active subreddits that discuss horror, mysteries, and urban myths. Get baked and browse these threads for fun!

If you need more tips on purchasing Halloween smoking accessories, read our dedicated blog post on the same topic.

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