Few Reasons To Shop At An Online Headshop

Few Reasons To Shop At An Online Headshop

Physical headshops offer instant purchases without waiting for shipment. JIJU has a headshop located in Yiwu Commodity Market #17591, 3rd Floor, 4th Street, District 2.

However, online headshops can be much more rewarding for many folks. For example, we run multiple campaigns online when compared to our brick-and-mortar headshop in Yiwu. And companies like provide great support online for customers so that they won’t feel difficulty in choosing the right product.

In today’s article, we will discuss why you should shop at an online headshop.

Larger Selection

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You may have browsed jiju.co already. As you can see, we’ve got thousands of products on JIJU, and we’ve got more stuff online compared to the physical store. Meaning, digital catalogs of most companies are vast compared to their physical stocks in retail outlets. And when you buy something online, we will ship it directly from our wholesale depo. 


There’s no debate on this. It’s more convenient to sit at home and order something. Especially during pandemic times.

You can shop anytime, anywhere, research competitions, decide on the best value products, and do a lot more at your fingertip. The purchasing journey feels quite productive and faster when you do it online.


We have set up age gates to assure the safety of certain age groups from browsing our website. We are strict about this. This reduces the risk of underage buying and accidental package handling by minors. Purchasing rigs and accessories from an online headshop are perfectly legal if your country of residence allows importing smoking accessories and related products. 


Online headshops are all about competitive pricing. Companies compete with each other every now and then. When the competition is high, the end-user will be benefited from a multitude of discounts.

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Online headshops offer discounts during major holidays, international events, etc. also. So it’s always a win-win from a customer’s perspective.

Discreet and Convenient

We’ve to respect people’s privacy. Some folks don’t like the idea of shopping from a physical headshop just because they don’t want others to know they are into smoking recreational herbs.

We totally understand such folks, and we believe online headshops are a haven for such people. You can browse at your heart’s will and find your favorite bongs, water pipes, e-nails, and a lot more at your discretion. We can hook you up with extra discreet packaging if you fancy that.

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Yeah, we’ve all been there. You see a perfect product and you need it a different color/pattern/size but the retailer says, “sorry we don’t have it on stock, you should wait for a few days until we restock.”

Gone are days.

You’ve got all custom options readily available online. And if you prefer to customize further, you can talk to JIJU support steam and change the design as you like.


These are some of the reasons that prove why you should shop at an online headshop. There are other added benefits such as better online support, a review system, etc. That being said, we wish you the very best buying journey on JIJU online headshop.

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