Celebrating New Year At JIJU

Every year, Jiju celebrates the New Year in a special way, with the warmth of its big family gathering and its precious costumers everywhere around the world. This year, the Team is bigger and the bonds are stronger and happier.


Our Company came into existence in 2008, It is Located in Yiwu down Town (aka China’s Commodity City); The Global Building.
Since then, we’ve created lasting relationships with businesses of all sizes. We’ve closely worked with individuals and smoking rig-selling SMEs in delivering expert and cost effective smoking accessory solutions.
Made up of a diverse team with a wide range of experiences backgrounds, loyal and talented Individuals, we are approaching each client and project with the same enthusiasm and energy, bringing into play our collective expertise, knowledge and creativity.
With the core of our production staff operating from Yiwu, China, and business developers in different continents, we’re able to pull in the right people to fit all briefs & budgets and deliver the right rigs on-time.

The Celebration included some Inspiring Speeches by our Departments’ Leaders, Awards for the hardworking best employees who deserved appreciation. We also had fun through several performances such us dancing, singing and performing a comedy play. The big surprise was the Lottery games were a number of employees were lucky enough to get some big gifts.

Trying hard and managing to accomplish the big goals, we’ve got some quite strong teamwork skills going around here. Not only hardworking, but also creative. Thanks for thinking outside the box and helping make our company better. The Company really appreciates and proud of its special foreign team.

The New Year celebration cannot be complete without our CEO presence among us. He Gave such a great speech. The energy and motivation within his appreciative words towards the Jiju Family can’t be described in few lines. We are Grateful as well; we wish and will try harder to achieve the best for our Company and Home JIJU.

Happy New Year! We look forward to celebrating another year with you!