Bongs and Bubblers: What’s the Difference?

For pros, the difference between bongs and bubblers are quite distinctive, but for non-smokers or beginners, it’s a whole different game, after all, it does cost a fortune to purchase a perfect tool and all the accessories along with it.

Despite the difference, they do share similarities.

  It’s easy to tell that they are both a type of smoke filtration and water pipe designed for smoking with a smoother taste. And most of the water pipes are made of borosilicate glass, or if you are feeling a little bit extra, you can go with the ceramic ones or silicon ones. 

  But with the functions aside, bongs and bubblers vary in size, shape, and the occasions they are used.

Glass Bent Neck Showerhead Dab Rig


Bongs are usually two times the size of bubblers, and the bong chambers are usually pretty long to ensure a better taste. Also, some come with ice holders and filters that could ensure that the bong functions better. But bubblers are usually smaller, for most stoners purchase them to take them outside. So the base of a bubbler always comes in palm-size, with the chamber in finger length.



There are numerous styles for bongs, the beaker base, and the straight tube are the most common types for a bong and the most classic ones of course. Out of these two types, the round-based ones became in style in recent years. If you feel like getting something more exquisite, percolator bongs and multi-chamber bongs are perfect choices for you; percolator Bongs cool down the smoke and filter it more before it reaches you and multi-chamber bongs are a pleasure to watch while they’re running.


For bubblers, the alien shape can be more attractive. The recycler bubbler is one comparatively standard type, including rigs for dabbing. But glass designers can always jump out of the box and create art-like pieces.

Double Zig Zag Glass Bong


Since bongs are usually big and not easy to carry, a lot of people use them at home, say, you’re chilling on the sofa after work, it would be nice to have a big bong by your side. But if you’re hanging out with your mates, bubblers seem like a way better choice. After all, you don’t want to break your hundred-dollar bong.

Even though both bongs and bubblers come in different sizes and shapes, they all serve the purpose of making the smoking experience a pleasant and relaxing one. Following the guide, I’m sure you will find the one that’s perfect for you.   

Straight Tube Inline Perc Bong

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